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2024                SMK Bintulu Marching Band, Malaysia, Sarawak “In The Sky” (Battery, Pit)

2023                "Sa-Tara" the 3 movements for 3 percussionists

2023                Suite No.1 for Basic Concert Percussion. (grade 3)

2020                Tanjong Katong Band, Singapore “Space” (Battery, Pit)

2019                2020 BSRU Thailand Band Competition - Set Piece for Battery Battle in Stand Division

                        "Side by Side" (Battery)

2018                Tanjong Katong Band, Singapore “ASEAN’s Golden Jubilee” (Battery, Pit)

2017                89 Drums Fanfare. (Battery)

2016                Tanjong Katong Band, Singapore “Picture This” for 60th years Diamond Jubilee (Battery, Pit)

2013                Tanjong Katong Band, Singapore “Garden in the city” (Battery, Pit)

2012                “Cyclone” For 5 players Multiple Percussion.

2012                Tanjong Katong Band, Singapore “Classcal Journey” (Battery, Pit)

2011                Montfort College Marching Band, North Thialnd “Classical Undiscovered” (Battery, Pit)

2010                Siamyth Drum & Bugle Corp,  “Horizon” (Battery)

2009               “Duet Marimba for Invention”

2009                Siamyth Drum & Bugle Corp,  “THAI” (Battery)

2008                “The Clock of Time Bomb!!!” For 3 players Multiple Percussion.

2008                Siamyth Drum & Bugle Corp,  “-Zero,C ” (Battery)

2007                Siamyth Drum & Bugle Corp,  “Inspired in Towns” (Battery)

2006                Suranaree High School Marching Band, “Pirates of The Caribbean”(Battery, Pit)

2006                Suranaree High School Drumline, “Pirates Of The Caribbean”(Drumline)

2006                Sarasit High School Marching Band, “My Sassy Girl” (Battery, Pit)

2006                Bangkok Christian College, “The Ninja!” (Drumline)

2006                Siamyth Drum & Bugle Corp,  “Lax” (Battery, Pit)

2006                Wat Rajabopit High School Marching Band, “The Mechanical of Gears”(Battery, Pit)

2005                Suranaree High School Marching Band, “The Planet” (Battery, Pit)

2005                Suranaree High School Drumline, “The Planet” (Drumline)      

2005                Bangkok Society Drumline 2005, “The Planet” (Battery)

2005                Prachaniwet High School Marching Band, “Peterloo” (Battery, Pit)

2004                Suthi High School Marching Band, “The 3” (Battery, Pit)

2003                Sarasit High School Marching Band, “Sunset”

2000                Suthi High School Drumline, “Zap!!” (Drumline)          

2000                Suthi High School Drumline,” Brazilian Street Dance” (Drumline)

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